Getresponse Review: Everything you need to know (Updated 2017)

In this getresponse review 2017, I have shared my personal experience with getresponse. So will be my honest review which will help you make the decision whether getresponse is right for you or not.  I have covered every minor detail you need to know.

What you will learn from this getresponse review

  1. What is Getresponse?
  2. Getresponse pricing according to plans they offer.
  3. Comparison between Getresponse and their main competitors.(Pricing & features)
  4. Key features of Getresponse e-mail marketing tool.
  5. Usability (Whether it is user-friendly or not)
  6. Pros and cons of getresponse.
  7. Customer support.

In the last section, I have a tutorial ready for you where you will learn how to get started with getresponse step-by-step. 

What is getresponse? E-mail marketing software.

Getresponse is an e-marketing tool, which is now used widely as an autoresponder. This allows you to broadcast your emails to your mailing list and you can also set the autoresponder to send e-mails when someone just subscribes to your mailing list.

You can collect email address via different optin forums on your website or it may be from landing pages that you have created to collect leads. You can even collect email address from webinars.

Autoresponder gives you full control to your mailing lists. You can send your emails at anytime and anywhere to your subscribers, you just need to tell what to do.

Getresponse also offers:

  • Landing page creator tool
  • Webinar setup
  • Different types of optin forums to generate leads
  • Marketing automation (New Update)

In this getresponse review, I have covered all the above features in detail.

Getresponse pricing:

Getresponse offers 30 days free trial, no credit card is required. You can add up to 250 contacts in your mailing list. Once your trial is over, you can choose from different plans they offer according to your need.

Their pricing plan is a bit complex. Pricing increases as your mailing list size increases. Getresponse offers the total 4 types of plans: Email, Pro, Max, Enterprise.

You can save 18% and 30% if you pay upfront for 12 months and 24 months.

Email plan: Basic plan

On their website, they mentioned this plan is “Perfect for email marketing beginners“. If you have mailing list below 1000 or you are just getting started then you should select this plan. You can upgrade this later according to your need.

This plan offers Autoresponder, Landing pages (Basic) and can accommodate the total of 1000 visitors/month, Marketing automation (New feature). This plan can accommodate only  1 user.

Here is the pricing structure for Email plan:

List SizeMonthly Billing1 Year Billing2 Year Billing
1,00015 $/mo12.30 $/mo10.50 $/mo
2,50025 $/mo20.50 $/mo17.50 $/mo
5,00045 $/mo36.90 $/mo31.50 $/mo
10,00065 $/mo53.30 $/mo45.50 $/mo
25,000145 $/mo118.90 $/mo101.50 $/mo
50,000250 $/mo205 $/mo175 $/mo
100,000450 $/mo369 $/mo315 $/mo

If you’re just starting or you are a beginner and your mailing list is below 1000 you can start as low as 10$. Getresponse is very cost effective email marketing tool.

Pro plan:

Most popular plan in getresponse pricing list. This plan is for growth focused marketers and small or medium business owners (SMBs).

In pro plan, there is no limitation on landing page visitors. You can accommodate as many visitors you want. In this plan, they also offer webinar up to 100 attendees. This plan can accommodate 3 users.

Apart from this, they offer fully functional Marketing automation tool, which makes your work flow lot easier.

Here is the pricing structure of pro plan:

List SizeMonthly Billing1 Year Billing2 Year Billing
5,00049 $/mo40.18 $/mo34.30 $/mo
10,00075 $/mo61.50 $/mo52.50 $/mo
25,000165 $/mo135.30 $/mo115.50 $/mo
50,000280 $/mo229.60 $/mo196 $/mo
100,000490 $/mo401.80 $/mo343 $/mo

Max plan:

This plan is mainly for “Marketing pros with advance need”. In addition to pro plan, the max plan increases webinar attendees up to 500 and the total number of users up to 5.

This plan also offers Campaign consulting, custom domain and Salesforce integration.

Here is the pricing structure of max plan:

List SizeMonthly Billing1 Year Billing2 Year Billing
10,000165 $/mo135.30 $/mo115.50 $/mo
25,000225 $/mo209.10 $/mo178.50 $/mo
50,000370 $/mo303.40 $/mo259 $/mo
100,000580 $/mo475.60 $/mo406 $/mo

Enterprise plan:

This plan is for larger companies looking for more customisable features and high-performance solution in order to scaling-up their business.

You need to schedule demo before signing up for this plan.

In addition to max plan, the enterprise plan has an Account manager, Dedicated infrastructure, Dedicated IP address, Max mail out performance, Deliverability consulting.

This plan can accommodate up to 10 users.

Here is the pricing structure of max plan:

List SizeMonthly Billing1 Year Billing2 Year Billing
100,000+999 $/mo999 $/mo999 $/mo


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