Affiliate Marketing Strategies 2017- The Blueprint

Why do we need action plan?

Affiliate marketing strategies 2017

Did you ever think about what other good affiliate marketers do to make their business profitable & make passive Income OUT of that? Well, the answer is that they have an ACTION PLAN to follow.

All the good affiliate marketers have one thing common that they know what to do and when to do it in an organized way, that is why they follow their unique but effective action plan. And you need to do the same.

Benefits of using action plan:

  • It will keep you organized.
  • Make your vision clearer.
  • A smarter way to achieve goals.

Don’t you want to feel smarter than other SO CALLED affiliate marketers? WHY NOT!!

If you are determined to take action then it’s a proud moment for you because now you can count yourself among very few people who have actual potential to make it work for you.

The Blue-Print.

Affiliate marketing blueprint

Product Selection

Product selection is very important part of affiliate marketing. Many new affiliate marketers overlook this curtail step. They just want to make some money so they just pick any product and start promoting it and in this way, they waste their time and effort to gain a very little or a “BIG FAILURE”.

Product selection process:

  • Define your Niche:

Choosing a profitable niche is very curtail part of product selection. It can pour life into your marketing campaign.

For this, you have to do some market research to find a profitable niche. You have to go through some brainstorming process. For this you can make a list of your hobbies and interests, it can be anything like “Weight loss”, “Technology”, “Photography” etc.

Now do some market research and look for the opportunities around your passion. In this way, you get the idea about the market size of the niche you want to get in.

Generally, a profitable niche consists of wide variety of good product to choose from, Good vendor support, High commission rate, High demand in the market that’s why market research is important. Yeah, it is a hectic work but for a greater good, you need to feel some heat.

Any new marketers out there don’t have a specific niche they just promote anything online just for some couple of green grass. They don’t have any interest in the product that they promote in this way they lose motivation or drive to keep their work on

  • Product Research:

    Product research

Now you know why niche selection is important. Next step is Product hunt. You can start your hunting journey from the various marketplace like Click-bank, Jvzoo, Commission Junction and ShareASale. They have the wide range of product library under various niches to choose from.

My Advice is chosen the hottest selling product and do some market research for the product.

Product research includes:

  • Gaining Information about the product.
  • Competitor analysis.
  • How is this product going to help your customers?
  • Market size.
  • What must be your marketing strategies?
  • How much you have to spend?

Apart from ClickBank, Jvzoo and all other marketplaces, you can join some individual affiliate programs. Some of these affiliate programs pay the lot more than marketplace like ClickBank, Commission Junction etc. . . . .

These type of affiliate programs are known as “High Ticket Affiliate programs”, they take equal amount of time and effort and pay you more in compare to ClickBank and other marketplaces but to promote these high ticket products you have to think like SPY I mean you have do competition analysis, you must know what your competitors are doing and how they are doing it, so that you can play your card in better way.

Some of the best high ticket affiliate programs you can join today are:

  • Click-Funnels.
  • Get-Response.
  • Etc.

But for beginners, I highly recommend first go with ClickBank, Jvzoo & Commission Junction.

  • Use product before start promoting:

One of the most common mistake that many of affiliate marketers do i.e. they don’t use a product before promoting.  Make sure try the product before promoting or recommend it to anyone because this will help you to give the honest review to your customers, in this way you will increase your credibility and your blog readers and your customers will trust you even more.

You can sign-up for the free trial for the product you want to promote. Generally trial period is between 14-30 days, this period is enough to write an awesome review which helps your readers. Secondly, if a free trial version is not available, you can ask a vendor for the same, for this, you have to drop a convincing E-mail or message to the vendors. But sometimes you need to buy products to test it in order to come-up with an excellent review.

  • Always Keep yourself Up to date:

In order to play smarter than your competitors, you have to be active in the industry of your chosen product. Look for the news or any updates about your products, join different forums and actively participate in the conversation. In this way, you get to know about much priceless information or you may get access to many new products which are about to launch.


Nowadays creating and designing a website is a piece of cake anyone can do it.    You can easily buy a domain and host from Godaddy, Bluehost, and Hostgator etc.

I will recommend using Bluehost because they offer cool features. 99% uptime, 150$ marketing bonuses which you can use for google adwords and bing marketing. 50$ theme cupon, free ssl security. So go for Bluehost.

You can easily learn how to set-up a WordPress website from YouTube, you don’t need to be a Tech-Geek. I encourage you to always go with .com instead of going with any other extensions because it is easy to find .com (Think about it).As soon as your domain and hosting set-up is done, you are ready for next step.

Create an Affiliate review Blog


Blogs are one of the effective ways to promote affiliate products. By giving an honest review you can earn credibility and trust from your customers.

Writing a review blogs will take time because it demands lots of research and hard work. You have to analyze the problem of your readers and how your product is going to solve that problem. So that you can create a valuable content that addresses their problems.

Qualities of a successful blog:

  • They are open and honest.
  • Provide incredible content and value to their readers.
  • Packed with in-depth review and case studies.
  • Must have Pro’s and Con’s of the product in order to help your customers.
  • One can compare some similar products. Explain how your product is better than other.

Whenever you are reviewing any products or services don’t forget to include some video guide or how to article, in this way you are helping to your readers this will increase the trust and ultimately convert readers into loyal customers.

Law of Marketing: More you help your customer, more you get from them.

Don’t put your raw affiliate links in blog posts because it looks unprofessional, always hyperlink it with some “Call to action” words/buttons like Click-Here, Garb it now etc. Always have a landing page up and ready for your affiliate products where you can collect E-mails of your readers or customers whenever they click on the Call to action words/buttons.

Your landing page must be convincing enough to get their E-mails. You can easily make a landing page using tools like Click-Funnels & Get-response. Your landing page must be integrated with an autoresponder like Get-Response & mail chimp.

Don’t worry I will cover Landing page and auto-responder later on in this post.

“Making money from your blog must be your secondary aim, your primary aim should be to create a huge E-mail list of your readers. So that whenever your new article or review will go live you can notify them via E-mail.”

So, how to build an E-mail list:

build an email list

There is the various way by which you can build your list with the help of your blog. You can use E-mail opt-in forums at the most convenient places on your blogs. For example, you can place it at the top of the sidebar and in the footer, in this way you reader will not get disturbed while reading. But there is one catch i.e. they only give you their E-mail when you write an awesome content in order to solve their problem.

For opt-in forums you can use auto-responder and E-mail marketing services like Aweber & Get-Response, there are many other out there but I prefer these two services. These services help you to collect E-mails and send out the broadcast automatically by using auto-responder.

And if your budget is tight then you can use Mail-Chimp Email marketing service. It is a pretty good service because it’s free up to 2000 E-mail subscriber. Just go to and sign-up for free.

There are other hacks which you can use to build E-mail list like:

Pop-Up Box: This is the great way to turn a leaving website visitor into your E-mail list subscriber. HOW?  Whenever any reader or your website visitor about to leave your site, a pop-up box will come in front of them in which you are going to offer them something cool in return you will ask them for their E-mail Address, this will decrease the bounce rate (Low bounce rate up to 30 % is consider to be good). You can offer anything like EBook, Tutorials, PDFs, Weekly newsletters etc.

popup box

Slide Box: It is the best way to convert your blog reader into E-mail subscribers. HOW? While reading your blog a box will appear (Sliding) in front of your website visitor and if they like your content so far than they will subscribe. So always remember Content is King.

Slide optin box

All the above type of optin forms and optin boxes are included in auto responder and E- mail marketing services. I will recommend you to use Get-Response because it’s an all in one package deal. Get 30 days free trial.

Hellobar: This one is the most awesome way to collect E-mails so far, it sits at the top of the page and continuously tries to convince the visitors to convert into subscribers.

hellobar preview

 “Always try to provide some value in your offers because in return you will get priceless money making E-mail list.”

Landing Pages

Earlier, I told you about not to enter your raw affiliate link on the blog because when you use raw links it will redirect them to the product page and you will lose the chance to grab their Information like E-mail address, Name or any contact information. And this is where landing page come in handy.

What is landing page?

A landing page is a page which totally focuses on the promotion of the products that you want to promote. Always remember that before starting any campaign you must create a landing page for promotion.

Why you need landing pages?

  • To capture leads and you can use these leads for future marketing purpose.
  • To give more information about the product to your potential customers.
  • To build your E-mail list.

Types of landing pages:

  • Lead Pages: With the help of lead pages you can get the most valuable piece of information i.e. E-mail address but in exchange, you have to give something to your visitors. Once you get someone’s E-mail address, all you have to do is to convert your subscriber into a potential customer with the help emails. 

You can offer them something valuable in return of E-mail addresses/Leads like: 

  • EBooks and Guides.
  • Blog Subscriptions.
  • Blog PDFs.
  • Consultancy services.
  • Video Tutorials.
  • Webinars.
  • Podcasts.
  • Etc.

Educate them about the product you’re trying to sell, help them, and provide value in each email you send. This will eventually build trust and your subscriber will become your customer.


Lead pages example

  • Click through Landing Pages: This type of landing page comes in handy when you try to educate or give information about the product. You can tell them about the benefits of the products, how it can help them and you can add some pictures and videos which make your campaign more appalling (This is called visual marketing). If the product is capable of fulfilling their need, they will purchase through your affiliate link and you will get your commission.



 Affiliate Blog examples

 Blog example 1Matthew Woodward Blog

Blog example 2

Start Passive Income



All you need to do is select a profitable nitch of your interest and then select a product that will help your customers.

Register a domain name and get hosting. I will recommend you to use Bluehost for this. Check the availability of domain here.

Create a blog post or an honest review post about your product. Make sure to include all the info. about the product.

Don’t include your raw affiliate link of the product. Always go for landing pages. You can create landing pages using Get-Response (Get 30 days free trial here).

Landing pages will help you to collect valuable e-mails.  You need an autoresponder for sending email broadcasts to your subscriber. For this, I highly recommend using Get-Response.

Optimize your blog with various types of optin boxes like a pop-up box, slide box etc. These optin boxes are included in Get-response.


If you like this piece of information, then share this post with your friends & family. If you have any question let me know in the comment box.

So what’s your affiliate marketing strategy? If I missed anything please let me know in the comment box. 


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